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all posts showing location

  • podamsterdam


    It seems that gpress inserts a map into all posts, whether I want it there or not. Can this be altered?

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  • I do not appear to be having this problem –

    Have you recently upgraded gPress, or switched themes / plugins?

    Which version of gPress are you using, and have you tried switching to default theme to be sure?



    Using the latest version in non-buddypress. Latest WP and twenty ten

    @podamsterdam – I really don’t know what to suggest – sorry…

    I switched themes to Twenty Ten and deactivated BuddyPress on both my local and online installs and neither of them have the problem you are facing. Are you certain it isn’t one of the other plugins conflicting?

    Have you tried deactivating all other plugins to see if the problem still occurs, and if it doesn’t then reactivate each plugin in one at a time to find out which one is conflicting?



    same problem
    it seems to only have effected a couple of posts, but it’s still behaving strangely. The posts have a set of customised fields and I cannot delete them.

    Have we confirmed if this is theme specific yet or not…?

    Which version of WP and BP are you now running…?



    mine too i have the problem now.. but before this.. all seem normal until 130 post in front page map seem to be slow.. now it not show at all.. (sorry for my bad english) p/s problem occurs at

    This will have hopefully been resolved with gPress 0.2.5, please upgrade and confirm whether anyone is still having these issues or not…?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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