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Amar Parimi, MD | Family Medicine

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    Dr Parimi earned his medical degree from Bangalore, India and has since been dedicated to serving and providing primary care needs for his community. He has been involved in many outreach programs both locally and overseas. After completing his Residency training in 2005 from South Carolina, Dr. Parimi also served the nation’s soldiers and military personnel. His passion for medicine and caring for the underserved is unmatched.
    Dr. Parimi offers a broad range of primary care services to adult patients which includes managing diabetes, high blood pressure, preventive measures, and treating acute conditions. He believes in comprehensive and quality primary care for all his patients and surpasses in the individual attention he gives his patients. He is a strong advocate of a healthy and prosperous lifestyle to promote the wellbeing of his patients.
    When he’s not at Indus Medical, he keeps himself busy as a tech-junkie & car enthusiast. Also enjoys traveling, hiking, rafting and spending time with his family.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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