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Announce Group Members can post replies with a trick

  • Hiya Deryk, I have discovered a tiny issue — when people click on view to look at an announcement, they are also given the possibility to reply in that single-activity-view. This has just happened to us… I had no idea it was possible and it took me a while to figure out how and why it actually is possible. It’s easy to overlook because the reply-button is not there in the activity stream of the announcement group, but because the notification plugin sends a link directly to the individual activity, and not the group (or other framework structure) in which it was posted, people do see a reply-button rightaway… Is there a quick way to hide this repy-button there as well?

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  • I have now hidden the reply-button with the same css-approach you use in the group-announce plugin. Not pretty because it hides the button for all single item views, but alas. Good enough!

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