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Another activation issue.

  • hollowminds


    Hey guys,
    Im having a common issue but the threads so far havent helped me so i started this one, hope you dont mind.
    Was hoping someone with a bit more understanding could walk me through what ive done wrong.

    Ive setup my website with wordpress via fantastico and then installed buddypress and a theme for it.

    Made a test account and waited a while, checked the junk mail folder and no luck.

    What do i need to do to set this up so that emails will send? Is it a bug, a server issue or what? Im happy to provide as much information and try what is needed.


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  • Nearly always a server config issue or a email account one i.e no dns records for account, or a control panel such as plesk playing it’s tricks with email settings enabled but directing to a record that isn’t setup.

    First thing is to disable BP and just get WP working and sending correctly. use an email account that has definite and legitimate credentials so that email servers don’t reject it due to no lookup records.

    You might want to pas this by your server hosts for help with.



    Hey hnla,

    Could i ask what i should be telling my host to change? They are generally pretty good at getting back to me on things but im a little bit lost on what to do with this one. My emails can reach people when i send them and the site sends me notification emails (to my personal email adress that belongs to another domain of mine). Just no activation codes?


    Oh so emails are being sent then!

    As mentioned work in just WP ensure that option to allow user registration is set and test again and send to an account that you has no issues i.e accounts like hotmail can be problematical as they implement iirc SPF records and will likely reject emails coming from a domain they can’t verify so ensure the sending address is real. There are quite a few threads on the support forum on this subject that cover most of what I can suggest and more, so they are worth tracking down although I admit searching can be awkward.

    this plug in solved it for me and a few others:


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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