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Any news on the 3.0 beta?

  • Erlend


    We’d ( community, with a very capable PHP developer on board now) like to start making Achievements plugins for our site, which will probably all be contributed back to the community. We can’t get started until the Beta and new API is released though. The monthly blog updates appear to have stopped, so I figured I’d check in here.

    If you’re starting off with a closed Beta, consider my hat thrown in.

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  • For someone who makes their living working on WordPRess, I’m surprisingly terrible at remembering to write blog posts. :( I shall write one after work.

    In a nutshell, there are 2 screens still to complete before a beta. 1 screen I am working on, and will get resolved this week. I will quietly start releasing Alphas at this point; I’ll blog about that, and send you an email. I’d love for someone to see if adding custom types of achievements actually works properly ;)

    The other outstanding screen, which is the “manually give an achievement to a user”, I haven’t started yet and is the last thing that needs to happen before beta.



    Hi Paul,

    just a quick question
    is Achievements plugin supporting (or going to support) bbpress forums?
    (we are planning to migrate buddypress group forums to standalone bbpress forums)




    Would love to know about BBPress support too Paul!

    I’d love to reward posters 1 point per post and then reward them with free premium membership after say 500 posts or the like!

    Now that would be awesome!

    Hope you are well mate! :)

    Yes, supports only the new bbPress plugin.



    Thanks for getting back to me. We’ll be very happy to put that Alpha through its paces.

    Ben Hansen


    if you need another guinea pig for achievements i’m all for it. btw should be getting back to you on the second part of the turtleshell setup this weekend as well :)

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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