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Anybuddy please explain differences: WikiMedia / WP-Wiki / BP-Wiki?

  • Hello. With a wiki becoming increasingly essential for any online community, any myself building at least 12 such communities, I am trying to understand the different wiki options for WordPress-based communitites. Clear comparison information has been difficult to find. I would be interested in any comments, both factual and opinionated.

    Here is “my best guess” of the differences, based on what information I could find…

    1. MediaWiki-Wordpress Integration. Pros: Can’t seem to go far wrong with the Wiki used by Wikipedia and Users report that integration is not difficult and the wiki works smoothly. Cons: even the founder of Wikipedia says MediaWiki is outdated and over-complicated. Probably MediaWiki is topheavy for most needs and I believe it’s good to travel light.

    2. WP-Wiki. Well established, almost 30,000 downloads. On the surface, seems like “the” wiki for WordPress. But somehow only rates 3 stars, and somehow seems rarely mentioned at discussions for WordPress Wiki’s.

    3. BP Group Wiki. (Currently in transition to “BP Wiki Component.”) At, WordPress wiki discussions seem to assume that Buddypress Wiki is the best-known and best-respected WordPress wiki plug-in. Why is this?

    Offhand, my “guess” is that WP-Wiki “perhaps” tries to be a full-featured wiki, which is rather difficult and “perhaps” does not succeed very well. Whereas BP-Wiki seems to aim at a “lightweight” wiki and to achieve this goal rather well…? I.e., “perhaps” BP-Wiki is best for communities needing a simple wiki, while those wanting full features might as well go with MediaWiki integration…?

    Other questions:

    Is Buddypress + BP-Wiki much less resource-intensive (“smaller footprint” or whatever) than Wordress + MediaWiki integration?

    The new BP-Wiki Component claims to work without WP-multisite enabled. Yet, Buddypress itself presumably needs multisite enabled. Does this mean that the new BP-Wiki Component can function without Buddypress?

    When is BP-Wiki-Component likely to be fully ready? If starting from scratch, should I go with BP-Group-Wiki and later hope to upgrade to BP-Wiki-Component when it is ready? Or might as well go with BP-Wiki-Component now?

    Thank you anybuddy for any corrections, additions, answers, comments, gossip and opinions on these matters!

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