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Assignment page, All assignments, All responses

  • chaoti


    @sushkov There are some things I guess you have not intended. In my opinion, it does not make sense:

    1. Students look at their wrong answers. Using the button “Assignment page” they’ll only see the introduction of the assignment and under it a lot of white page.
    2. Student is at “Home” – Using the button “All assignments” brings him to “Assignments”. Using the button “All responses” brings him to “Assignments”, too.

    I would have expected that in
    – first case the student can see his actual assignment with all questions and the responses he had done.
    – second case the student button “All responses” brings the student to the responses of all assignments he already had done… or at least to a selection of that assignments he answered already.

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  • Stas Su?cov


    In the sidebar, there’s a ‘Your response’ link, which you probably missed.

    Regarding all responses, yep, that needs some refactoring.
    Patches welcome.

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