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Attach link to achievement

  • Erlend


    MIght be another tricky one.

    Many of the achievements I plan to give will be based on particular threads, sometimes single ones and sometimes collections of them. I’m guessing it would be very difficult to permanently attach links to achievements, like achievement “Great post!” for userA links to a different post than with the same “Great Post!” achievement for userB.

    I was thinking though, maybe the link reference could just appear in the activity update (I’ve forgotten the BP lingo…). So when I’m here: there would be an “attach URLs” space there where I could insert URLs to be included in the activity update. So the update would go something like this:

    @Sadr unlocked “Great Post” [1], [2], [3]

    The numbers in brackets being referral links that the admin specified for that particular user.

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  • Nice idea. This is one of those ideas I might implement when I figure out how to adapt the UI on the create/edit Achievement screen for it. I’m hoping to spend time on that soon, so I will keep this type of thing in mind and report back when I can.

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