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Auto-approved user role

  • AndreMartin


    How about the possibility to activate in the backend the option to automatically approve users’ role choice? This would of course only be possible if the “collaboration settings” are disabled.

    It’s not always useful to have teachers manually confirmed, in particular not when there is potential of hundreds or thousands of them. If only teachers can *manage* courseware anyway (add assignments etc), and under the current setup everyone has to enable courseware for a group first before even being able to chose a role, it only makes sense to have this option.

    I would propose to
    – add the option to switch between automated permission granting and self-applying roles,
    – add a setup step so people first apply/confirm teacher before able to activate courseware

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  • Stas Su?cov


    Well, I can just add an option for auto-approval, that will not require any other implications.
    I will create a ticket for that.

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