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Auto-join groups in group tree, hierarchically?

  • houser



    Developing a board for a school and need this plugin enhanced if possible.

    We basically would love to be able to have users auto-join all groups hierarchically in the group tree
    .(as in the group hierarchy plugin)
    meaning if you are a member of group ā€œCā€ in example below, you are also automatically
    a member of groups A and B.

    Trying to illustrate by simple example of group tree:

    A ā€“ B ā€“ C

    We would also need the ability to have a setting where you need to ask permission to leave a group.
    This is for a school, that would depend on this functionality to reach members
    grateful for any hint if this is possible and perhaps on a roadmap.
    We could probably sponsor such a development to some extent.

    thanx for your time!

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  • twodeuces


    Just saw this for the first time. I am not currently familiar with the group hierarchy plugin. This would need to be sponsored development because it would be specific to your situation. Not all buddypress users would be using the group hierarchy plugin.



    Thanx for reply.
    So how would we proceed in order to try and get this built, along with others who might want this functionality?
    thanx again!

    I would want it. Does this site have a forum member polling system for requests?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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