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Auto suggest names not working

  • KimMC


    Just installed this and it looks like a great plug in! But I’m having a problem with the auto suggest @. It doesn’t mater what you type, it always says “No matches found. Please check your spelling”. I’ve tried in the activity and privet messages.
    I do have the U Buddy forum editor installed in the forums and it doesn’t seem to work with that there.

    I’m using WP 3.2.1 and BP 1.5.

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  • Paul Gibbs


    To clarify – what username are you trying to search for? And is that the user’s profile name, or their login_name, or what?



    @DJPaul Auto suggest works for me though not in IE 9.

    Every thing works except when you click on the name, it doesn’t add it to the whats new form.

    eg: Say i type in `@ad` for admin, the drop down shows `@admin` and if i click on it, nothing happens.

    It works fine in FF and Chrome.



    Sorry, it messed up my at mentions.. the links are meant to be

    First one: @ad
    Second one: @admin



    @DJPaul I was trying to type what the normal @ mention would be. But it doesn’t matter what I type after the @ symbol I get the same message each time.
    Same issue if I just type @ and then one or two letters. I know I have multiple users with names starting with them but none show.
    I’m using FireFox and Chrome.



    Hello there.. I’m having the same issue.

    Like @kimmc explained. It doesn’t matter what I type. I’m getting “no matches found”.

    I’m not sure where to start.. Though I did have a custom members slug when I installed BP labs. I thought maybe this created the bug. So I removed the custom slug and the problem is still there.

    Should I dump the BP Labs tables and reinstall the plugin? If so what are the tables named?

    I’ll keep diggin and post back if I clear it up.

    Thanks, Dustin



    I am having a similar issue where when I @name (i.e. @Admin) on I.e. it populates the suggestion, but the viewing box is so small, that the suggestions are not visible without having to use the vertical scrollbar that pops up, however, when you go to select the down arrow, the box disappears.

    Then on FF, @Admin returns no suggestions.

    Also, on both browsers, it can sometimes take a long time to load the suggestion or state that there are no matches, though my site only has 2 accounts.

    Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!

    Not all users are being returned.
    For example, I’m expecting some users to appear as i type @aa or @ab
    Yet, there are some users successfully returned.
    Weird behavior.

    Found out what causes the problem!

    User should be a user added on the main site.
    Manual registration does not automatically add the user to the main site.
    Ultimate Facebook plugin automatically add the user to the main site that’s why those registered via Facebook were the only names being returned.

    I have to manually add those “unassociated” users to the main site.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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