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Auto-unsubscribe from email – feature funding request from developer

  • Dwenaus


    I am the developer of this plugin along with Boone. A client has requested an improvement to this plugin that allows a group member to auto-unsubscribe from group emails via email WITHOUT being logged in. They have funding to implement either unsubscribe email from one group at a time, or unsubscribe from all groups (with a confirmation of course).

    I would prefer to implement both features, and I imagine this feature would be very popular. And I’d like to release all these changes back to the community and provide support for bug fixes etc. But in order to do all this I need a bit more funding. Please post your comments here about how much you’d like to pledge. $1500 more is required to build it properly. Any amount will be accepted and added to the development and features. Or send me an email at – that is also my paypal email which you can send funds to if interested in seeing this extra work happen.

    Another feature they want is a welcome email when someone joins a group, included in this welcome email is the email to auto-unsubscribe. This setup is most useful when you are joining large number of people to a group at once.

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