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Awesome plugin but… [BUG]? Some Achievements not being unlocked and “you are x% toward this ach” n

  • DizChantrelle


    Firstly of course… What a quality plugin! Its going to be awesome to use and for our users earn as they interact with the site. Also with the very easy hook system for creating custom achievements its great. I haven’t updated the site ( to wpv3.1 yet as I’m still checking on a Dev server, but the current site is running on 3.0.4 and ticking over nicely.
    I do however have an issue, Some of the achievements aren’t being awarded on the event they are out lined to be:
    I have an achievement – “Welcome to the Jungle” > which fires when a user logs in for the first time ( also “…we’ve got fun and games” > when they log in 10 times) , and an achievement “Score on the Door” > when they receive points for unlocking 1 achievement. These Achievements will both happen at the same time but only the log in achv gets awarded. Is there some conflict with achievements with diff param that get fired at the same time?
    Also some achv don’t display the status of how far you are through I’ve just noticed.
    I haven’t seen any other reports like this so I guess I’m doing something wrong?
    If I could get this solved I would be even more stoked with your work than I currently am.
    I posted this on the plugin site cause I didn’t see the support tab.
    I also posted:
    In regards to a post about a ranking system.
    This is a great Idea. Is there a way to make a Ranking system by hooking into the current score accruing system. I have a plugin called s2member installed that lets you set custom capabilities to users via admin or PayPal buttons. I guess this is just a matter of hooks too. It would be awesome to be able to sync an achievements ranking system to awarding custom access to set abilities and access set-ups. When I’m better at php I will definitely give this a go.


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  • Paul Gibbs


    Yes, you did also post it via the support form; it’s sitting in my inbox :)

    I’ll reply to this here as soon as I can



    Awesome thanks, my apologies for the recurrent posting. :-)

    Paul Gibbs


    There ought to not be any conflicts. How do your users log in? Do you have any plugins running? (that list of “Help us help you” on the Achievements admin page would be helpful)

    Achievement progress status only starts to be displayed once the user *starts* making progress, and the ‘this many times’ count is > 1. If no progress has been made at all, no bar shows.



    Hi Paul, thanks for getting back to me.
    Here’s my help us help you details.

    Achievements: 2.0.6 (the plugin says its version 2.0.8?)
    BuddyPress: 1.2.7 (there’s no automatic upgrade option to 1.2.8?)
    BP_ROOT_BLOG: standard
    MySQL: 5.0.91
    Permalinks: custom
    PHP: 5.2.9
    WordPress: 3.0.4
    WordPress multisite: no


    BP-Default child theme: no
    Current theme: Troopers

    Active Plugins

    BuddyPress Template Pack: 1.1.1
    Events Manager Extended: 3.3.4
    Lazyest Gallery: 1.0.32
    s2Member: 3.5.8
    Welcome Pack: 2.2.1
    WP-ViperGB: 1.1.19
    Users follow the default bp login method, register with the register link and then login with the log in link.
    I tried de-activating all other plugins, deleted all the achievements one by one and re registered them.
    While I was doing that the ajax for choosing a picture stopped working and wouldnt let me select or update a picture with the selected image.
    So I deleted the achievement to start again but after I deleted the achievement, the whole layout of the achievements page changed, corresponding to if you turn off css option in bp-template pack, including making the admin bar get displayed off to the side of the #container div.
    So I checked the theme by switching to the default, admin bar returned.
    I deactivated achievements, and there was no change also no change on re activation.
    I deactivated all plugins and went as far as deleting achievements from the plugin list upon reactivation of buddypress the admin bar was still way off.
    I remembered that the bp-template pack option for disabling bp’s default css did this to the admin bar so I upgraded the bp-welcome pack and toggled the activate/deactivate link and the admin bar returned!
    I decided a complete reinstall of achievements was in order so I dropped the tables : achievements, achievements_actions, achievements_unlocked and the rows from user_meta achievements_counters. achievements_points. (no i didn’t export them first doh).
    Have re-installed achievements but now the Award Event radio toggle doesn’t change it from being an award / event in the create menu, also the tables didn’t get re-made in the database.

    I understand this is a lengthy post, and it is probably I with my meddling that has broken something, but I would really like to have it back the way it was before.
    Or at least know what it is that needs fixing and any assistance would be awesome.

    *hangs head*



    Hi, please don’t worry about replying to this thread. It’s definitely something I’ve done and need to fix. I’ve loaded your plugin onto a local machine back-up and it works as it did before. still not unlocking “user unlocks and achievement” or “user gets points for unlocking and achievement” at the same time as “user logs in to this site” but I’m not too concerned. I’ll try a custom hook to the achievements unlock action and see if that fires it.
    Looks like I have a Db issue and am moving the site to a fresh Db to see if it solves it. Thanks anyway.



    Love the plugin!

    Were you ever able to solve this problem? I am having the same issue. “user unlocks and achievement” and “..points” are not working for me. When I look at the achievement is says I am 40% there… However, I receive another achievement and I am still at 40%.

    WordPress – 3.4.1
    BuddyPress 1.6

    I have absolutely no idea; it was over a year ago, and I can’t remember. Can you create a new post please with full details about type of achievement you’re making, so I can recreate it exactly on my machine?



    I have created an achievement and is worth 15 points. User exceeds his 15 points but no award has been unlocked by him. On the other hand obviously the admin see the achievement manager page like

    Concert Tickets for two
    Award       15 points          0 people have unlocked this Achievement

    Tell me what i am doing wrong or it is a bug there.
    Thanks and Regards



    and how could an achievement unlocked by user?

    Also, what is the work flow of EVENT and AWARDS? Do i have to always create both for every achievements?

    Users get points when they unlock — or are given — an achievement. Having a set number of points does not unlock an achievement. Did you think achievements were unlocked when users got a certain number of points?

    The difference between an event achievement and an award achievement is: event achievements are given automatically when a criteria is met, and award achievements are always given by an administrator.

    When you create an achievement, and pick event type, a dropdown box should appear with the difference types of event that the achievement can use.



    Really helpful answers Paul, but i cannot see any points addition where the event i triggered. It even notify me that i have unlocked some achievement but there is no point awarded. Or kindly tell me if there is some other plugins that will meet my need. I want to award a user anything when he reach at some points.


    What type of event did you choose to create an achievement with? Are you certain you gave it a points value?



    It will be my own event. Like i will create an event, titled as ‘Dinner with celebrity’ and i set the trigger when a user will gain some points by sharing my website’s posts as already Cubepoint and BuddyShare is integrated by me. Let say i set the trigger when someone will gain 150 Cubepoints, then the event will be trigger and user will have a prize i.e. Dinner with celebrity. That is all !

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