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BBpress settings buddypress

  • supervinnie40


    most of us know, that the forum in buddypress is basicly a bbpress inside a buddypress.
    it works brilliant, so kudo’s to the developer… thumbs up!.

    but there is 1 little thing…. i can’t seem to configure my forum.
    the default is 15 posts before it makes a seconds page… but i want to change that.
    for some weird reason i can change the settings of almost every little thing in wordpress/buddypres….. but i can’t change 1 little thing in the forum.
    weird, because bbpress has it’s own admin panel.

    so, to get to the point… i would like to know how i can get into the admin panel of my bbpress instal, OR how i can change those settings.

    the first point of business is to change the amount of posts per page.

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  • if you changed it via bbPress admin – it won’t have the desired results within BP. You can pass in a per_page param to the forum loop

    (i can’t find the docs link on this site anymore to show you the reference though :P )



    i’m not to sure what you mean with that… but it sounded smart ;) haha.

    i’ve just updated and found out that there are still no possibilities to configure the forum settings.
    weird…. because you can edit almost verything… except the second biggest feature of buddypress… the forum.

    I have the same problem. Is there any solutions for this now?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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