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“Beta” Version vs. Nightly, and getting started

  • Hi there,

    I think this plugin is exactly what I need to get my pictures online but under control. I wanted to download a “beta” version (as described here), but on the actual download page I only see four nightly builds. There do not seem to be any branches in the SVN repo that scream “beta” at me.

    Is there a good nightly snapshot I can use as a “beta”? At the moment, I’m setting it up on a test site, so there is no worry about killing a production site.

    I downloaded the latest nightly snapshot listed on the dowloads page, and am running default BP theme, with latest stable WP, BP, and bbP. Now for the question which makes me feel very silly: how do I get started creating albums, galleries, etc?

    I went through the options (very customizable, awesome!), and then thought: ok, I just need to go to my user page and click on “albums” or something similar. But I can’t find any links anywhere. Did I miss some obvious RTFM link? Do I need to create a page with a `[bp-media]` tag or something? I had thought of myself as savvy in figuring these things out, and am happy to code, but I can’t seem to crack this nut.



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  • foxly



    We got to a beta where you could create multiple albums and have different content types, and put it out to the community for testing in early 2011. It was an epic fail. It just couldn’t do what many of our testers needed to do. So we withdrew the beta, and re-wrote the system from scratch with a modular architecture, There might still be a copy in the file archives … but its not compatible with anything beyond BP 1.2.

    Much as we’d enjoy trolling you by telling you to “go read the documentation” …BP-Media currently *doesn’t have* an upload page. We’re probably going to start the build on that in 2 to 3 weeks. It will basically emulate the uploader on Google+, but will also handle PDF’s, Audio Files, and Videos.

    Also: change your site’s theme to “BP-Media Base Theme” …huge amounts of the admin UI are being hidden from you because the BP default theme isn’t a BP-Media Smart Theme.




    Are you saying that the nightly builds of bp-media are basically unusable for testing at this point?

    I’m not opposed to beta testing new software and submitting bug reports. But if I was developing a new site today, should I go with the old bp-album, the beta of bp-media or nightly?



    The nightly builds are not suitable for a production environment at the moment. Depending on your time frame however, you could probably begin developing a site which would be using Bp-Media.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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