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Blank Popup Fix?

  • justbishop


    Anyone have a fix for the blank donation popup? WP 3.0 RC3 is out and still no word from the Cubepoints people on an update :(

    me = running WP 3.0 RC3 in MU mode w/ BP 1.2.4

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  • justbishop


    Ok, I’ve been digging a bit, and this is where I’m at with this:

    If I open the “donate points” link into a new tab rather than just click it and let it load in the popup (which loads blank), I do actually get the donate screen (Donate how many points?, To who? etc.). However, when I try to actually donate points to another user from there, nothing really happens. My points shown on the donation screen go down, but stay the same on my profile, and the recipient doesn’t receive the donated points either. If I reload the donation screen, my points are right back at the number I started with.

    I really REALLY need the point donation feature to work! I don’t care if I have to hardcode links to a non-popup version of the donation screen into my template files. Anyone know what might be causing the issue?

    Identical issue as above. Broke popup but new tab has the info. Resulting again, same as above.

    Let me also add that if I go to Add a New Rank, I get the same empty box as I do when trying to donate.
    Can anyone else confirm/duplicate?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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