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Blogger style bar on all blogs

  • Hi, I am sure this has been asked before – can someone point me to a plugin or hack to add a Blogger style bar to all blogs – I have searched for all the obvious keywords with no success.

    The only solution I can come up with is to add a header to all active blog templates. It must be easier than that!! :)

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    Boone Gorges


    What do you mean by a “Blogger style bar”? Do you mean one with position: absolute instead of position: fixed?

    Sorry Boone it was not very clear – To cut a long story short I would like to add a bar to the top of user blogs that has a link to ‘Add a blog’ or ‘Next random blog’ for non users…..

    The only way I can see is to add it to individual blog templates – I am sure that this has been dealt with before though and must have an ez solution.

    Thanks once again.


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    Andrea Rennick


    Won’t the buddypress admin bar show up across all sites?

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    Like Andrea said, by default, the BuddyPress admin bar should show up on all your user blogs unless you disabled it or hid it.

    Make sure your user blog theme’s footer.php has the following:

    OK – Spent the last hour checking to be sure and wp_footer(); is in the single theme I have enabled….

    An example blog with that basic theme is at

    As you can see there is no ‘bar’ at all – – – – – I hope :).

    Can I confirm that I would like the ‘bar’ to appear for all visitors – including those not logged in…..


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    @damian2001, change to bp-default theme, you will see the bp-admin bar across all sites like the one at
    Double check dashboard – BuddyPress > General Settings > Hide admin bar for logged out users?:> should be NO

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    Also make sure BuddyPress is activated network-wide.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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