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Bluehost – BuddyPress Hosting

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    Host: Bluehost
    Host Website:
    Number of BP Users: Test Database

    Overall Experience (good and bad)
    Bluehost has worked well as a test/development box for me. I’d be nervous to put a production website on Bluehost, but for someone just getting started and with a small amount of traffic, it works fine. Occasionally it will hit the CPU limit, but as a test environment that rarely happens. I’ve used these test boxes as the primary domain or as add on domains without any problem. I didn’t use the subdomain feature of WPMU, but it all works fine with folder.

    Other Comments
    Configuring the email can be a pain on Bluehost. You have to use the wp_mail plugin or I just pointed the MX record to have all the bluehost email for that domain go to Google Apps and that solved the email problem with bluehost and BuddyPress also.

    Version of BP: 1.2.3 with WP and WPMU 2.9.2

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    @techguy Good idea for a group!

    Host: Bluehost
    Host Website:
    Number of BP Users: Not launched yet, still testing… and learning ;-)

    Overall Experience (good and bad)
    So far, I have nothing but warm and fuzzy feelings for Bluehost. Although it’s true I did balk at first when I learned they do not support wildcards (it seems to me that social network users would be more attracted to the more pleasing URL aesthetics of sub-domains), I went with sub-directories to avoid the hassle of DNS redirects, and had absolutely no problems setting up WPMU/BP. The customer service appears to be something they pride themselves on (yay!). I’ve had occasion to submit tickets wherein all were replied to promptly. Also, their toll-free phone support is competent and courteous… and doesn’t sound like it’s farmed out to third-world call centers!

    Other Comments
    To ensure the best possible site performance (with this host at least), and to reassure those sometimes wary & jittery users, I plan on getting a dedicated IP/SSL certificate combo before launching my site. At $75/year for the 2, that’s hard to beat. It was also very easy for a noob like me to increase max post/file upload sizes to Bluehost’s 50Mb limit, as well as increase the script memory limit to WP’s suggested 64Mb in a custom php.ini file with the click of a few buttons. The knowledgebase/FAQ sections are pretty extensive, and the forums ain’t half bad either for getting help if I get stuck on something.

    Version of BP: 1.2.3 with WPMU 2.9.2

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    More Ivyou


    Host: BllueHost ( ** )
    Host Website:
    Number of BP Users: ~1000
    Overall Experience (good and bad): good
    Other Comments (OPTIONAL): $6.95; File Count Problems!!!
    Traffic to BP Site: ~ 50
    Version of BP:

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