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BP Activity comments Vs. WP comments

  • Raised recently in a post was the question as to whether a member could get their activity comments to display numbers, as that puzzled me in as much as I knew they should be able in theory I looked further.

    WP uses a call for comments that returns the looped li elements for each comment this is worked up in the file comments.php thus:


      wp_list_comments( array( ‘callback’ => ‘twentyten_comment’ ) );


    BP does:

    The problem here is in what both of these tags actually call – essentially they are the same thing however the BP version calls the function living in bp-activity-templatetags.php ( line: ~695) this function differs in one large respect from the WP version in that it hard codes the parent list element ‘UL’ for no real reason but one that then makes it impossible to change for a frontend developer.

    BP needs to follow the WP lead in certain aspects, in this one the correct use of the OL element is made by WP ( a list of comments that are time and date stamped or that simply contain a natural order to them IS an Ordered List)

    The short term fix for this is simple enough and should not impact on any existing child themes but allow theme authors to display bullets if they so wish of the numbered variety and simply involves changing that hardcoded markup in the core file.

    Long term this markup needs to be removed and indeed there is a comment to that effect in the bp-activity-templatetags.php.

    I’ll raise a ticket and supply a patch for convenience and consideration.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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