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BP Album Plus: Ways to notify members/groups?

  • jsmbythebay



    I have a private BP site, and I would like to have all members each time an image is uploaded and hits the activity loop.

    I would also be OK with all member’s images automatically being included in the activity stream as a Group item, which would trigger a notification through the group email members plugin (all members of the site are also in a group, and that group could be hardwired).

    Another, more unlikely and perhaps more complicated, workaround would be for the ability for members to upload an image “into” a group, similar to the ability for members to Post In to a group.

    If anyone has any ideas, let me know. I am a php beginner, but have managed to successfully hack a couple of mods into various themes and plugins.


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  • foxly


    1) Hook on activity stream post action
    2) Filter based on content type = “bp_album”
    3) Run an SQL query on the members table to get every user id on the site
    4) Use the buddypress notification functions to send a notification about the activity stream post to every user_id on the site

    Realize, however, that if your site has 100 members, and each member uploads just 1 photo a day, you’ll be sending out over 300,000 email messages per month. Unless you have considerable experience setting up high-volume mailing operations, you’ll quickly get yourself blacklisted as a spam site.




    Thanks Foxly.

    I think I am OK, based on the nature of this site, and the digest format that will be the recommended/default on the spam thing.

    That’s a good suggestion. But definitely pushing my php skills. I thought I could piggyback on the email notification plugin and avoid having to duplicate the wheel on the member query/email but it wasn’t working.

    Probably due to the images not being associated with the group, even though I added the content type.

    An easier workaround (if it is possible) would be to hardcode the image upload as associated (maybe not the right term) with this particular group. Then, the email notification plugin would be triggered. Is it possible to do that do you think?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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