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BP and Digital Access Pass Integration

  • trailmix5


    Hello all,

    I have sorted out many of the issues regarding using BP and DAP together, but I’m stuck on a few very important problems. It’s important that you know or understand DAP if you apply for this job as well. Here is a bit about my site, so you can fully understand what I’m doing here…

    I have a website with professional musicians making masterclass videos and the entire front end is filled with paid content (downloads, streams), free content and music resources for the professional musician. I need to add a community element so that musicians can meet, talk, network, etc., but I don’t want the front end to be affected. I essentially don’t want regular customers who don’t want to be involved in the social element to be bothered if they are trying to purchase a video or just browse.

    Problems I’ve encountered:

    1) Login/Registration: DAP has it’s own login and registration which synchs to WP/BP. It’s important that a user of my site never sees the wp-login.php. I’ve solved this for the most part, but I’m still having issues when non-logged in users try to access BP protected content like BP (bpnoaccess) will redirect the non logged-in user to the wp-login. I need for the user to be redirected to my custom login page instead. I have thought about protecting the entire BP install or using an htaccess redirect on the wp-login, but I’ve been unsuccessful. I obviously still need for the admins to be able to login to wp-login.php too. Here’s a link to my topic

    2) Notification Emails: I want to be able to customize the notification emails (text) for BP. I tried Paul Gibbs Welcome pack and it was almost perfect. I’m having one small error on the friend request notifications email. No matter what I write in the template, the email will start with This doesn’t happen to the other notification templates. I know that it’s probably php related, but I can’t figure it out. Unfortunately Paul Gibbs is no longer supporting this plugin so I need a bit of help. Here is the topic link

    3) Members: I need for the entire member list to be anonymous. Again, I don’t want people to be bothered if they are not into the social aspect. I only want the member lists for groups to be visible. That way if a user joins a group, people can friend them. Otherwise, they are invisible (in activity too). I used a 301 redirect match in my htaccess that redirects to a custom page, but I’m unsure if that’s the best option. Is there a way to actually disable friend requests for users that aren’t in a common group? That might be cool…

    4) Messaging: I’d like for messaging to be disabled unless a user is already a friend or in a common group.

    There may be more small things the become apparent as the network takes shape, but I’m not sure yet. All of these customizations are based on the privacy of the users on my site though. This is why I posted such a lengthy description of what I’m doing here; so that you would not only undersand, but possibly think of other problems I may have with this configuration.

    The budget is unfortunately low due to the artistic nature of the site, but I’m hoping that these customizations aren’t too difficult. Please let me know how you would go about these tasks and what you would charge. Also, if you happen to be a musician, this is the job for you…ha.

    Thanks for your time and I look forward to your responses.

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