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BP Content Tags Project – Call For Ideas

  • Burt Adsit


    Howdy all. I just finished a project for bp and find myself needing another one. I was going to start a ‘group blogs’ plugin but after talking with Andy I have a different project in mind.

    Me: “Andy I’m starting Group Blogs today. You haven’t already started something like this have you? Got any ideas?”

    Paraphrasing Andy: “If you want to do something truly useful. Group content tagging would be nice. Make Groups 10X more useful and 100X more powerful.”

    Me: “Tags?”

    Andy: “Tagging content for Groups. Blog posts. Wire posts. Any content. It would be the same as having Group Blogs”

    Me: “Tags?”

    Andy being patient: “Maybe groups can have a specific tag associated with them. Users can use that tag to direct content to the group. Perhaps with admin or mod approval.”

    Me: “Tags? (Andy flips the light on in the dim recesses of my dark room) Tags?! Oh, ya content tags! We could organize group content that way. Make it all available and discoverable. Group content is what the group decides is group content. Whoa. TAGS!”

    So giving the ability to associate content with a tag, tag management and a tag widget in bp is my next little project. Nothing new right? WP has tagging and categories for blog posts. bbpress has tagging for forum topics. Well, what we’re talking about here is the ability to link *all* site content to a tag. Not just blogs and forum content.

    First of all, I’m thinking that anything with an URL should be taggable. Also any content that is in a site table should be taggable. A site has:

    Blogs that we can get blog id/post id

    Forums that we can get forum id/topic id/post id

    Wires that we can get component id/post id

    Interesting and useful content doesn’t exist only on the current site. Anything that can be resolved to an URL should be taggable.

    I’m just talking out loud here. Any ideas people? I already know that Nicola Greco is off and running with this. Nicola was there when Andy and I were chatting about this in IRC. Nicola is in on this project. He’s probably off and running, cutting code and has it half done by now. (Where did I put that leash and whip?) :)

    I already see further uses for bp content tagging. See this:

    Anybody got any thoughts on this before I go off on some tangent of my own?

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  • John James Jacoby


    Well I’ll be… I think tiny url’s are fine, and probably for the best really…

    You know, to Andy’s credit, it’s really kind of fun to find little bits of creative genius in BuddyPress… Stuff like this, and the Groups Template idea, and just little prethoughts of the future, they’re just really cool…

    Burt Adsit


    Ya, Brad is inventing group custom templates. Andy was way ahead of us though with the db theme/stylesheet config options. Just need to pay attention to that spot. The group templates is a killer idea.

    I can’t think of any product that has as much potential as bp. I can’t think of any current project that people get fired up over like they do bp. The fun is just beginning.

Viewing 2 replies - 26 through 27 (of 27 total)
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