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BP Developer required for modification to friends system

  • I need a BP developer for a fairly interesting job.

    We need a modification made to Friendships that will define a relationship type of the friendship allowing us to build a family-tree type of system. The only relationships that will exist will be ‘father’ and ‘son’, no user will have more than one ‘father’ but fathers can have multiple sons. There are no ‘horizontal’ relationships, just father and son.

    Users will need to have autocomplete fields on the profile page (or a similar page) where they can select their ‘father’ or ‘son’, generating a friend request.

    A string of these connections will form a “Family”…users who are in a family either need to be connected via friendships or automatically added to a group, how it happens isn’t important but if A is B’s father and B is C’s father than A, B and C all need to be connected in a ‘family’ entity of some sort.

    This will be the only use of the “Friend” system, there will be no traditional friending.

    Finally, this ‘family’ entity will need to have a display built for it in a family tree style, eg boxes connected by lines from ‘generation’ to ‘generation’.

    We’ve got money! Need to move on this quickly.

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