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BP Links Navbar directing to wrong domain when in subdomains

  • Mark


    @MrMaz Hi
    I’m using Buddypress 1.2.6 with WordPress 3.03. I noticed that when using your plugin in a subdomain and I click on the plugin link in the navbar to go to the appropriate page that it points to instead of like it does on the home domain. This was also problem with BP gallery until Brajesh fixed it recently in his last update. (Please see his post below to me) . This is a problem for sites operating multiple blogs that are trying to make those blogs seem like one site. I can’t hard code the links to the appropriate pages because I’m using a plugin that alters my site to have one nav bar. Any feed back on how to fix it BP links is appreciated.

    Hi Mark,
    This is a small issue using site_url instead of bp_getroot_domain(), I have fixed it in the trunk. An update will come by 11 AM PST today.
    For now, if you want, please open bp-gallery/core/gallery/template-tags.php and on line no. 976 change site_url() top bp_get_root_domain()
    Btw, the culprit is the sub domain theme too, it has ”bp_nav_items” action which it should not have.

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