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BP Links no disable Avatar picture or make it optional.

  • Peter Kriegel



    First of all I will thank you @MrMaz very, very much for this Plugin!
    I love this because I have searched a long time for such a good Link directory tool.

    And it is even well integrated in Buddypress CubePoints!

    My intension with this tool is to build a user driven community where users can submit links and can Vote on Links. This works very well in my site

    So I like to have a simple Link collection.
    I think a Picture (Avatar) for each Link is not nessessary and manny users dont provide a picture becaus they dond have one.

    how can I disable the picture or make it optional?
    Cann you @MrMaz build in this functionallity?

    I will donate abound for this feature 😉

    appreciative Peter

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