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BP-Media PHP Version issues

  • Most of us who are on a shared hosting environment, are on PHP Version 5.2 and have no idea on when the version will be updated to version 5.3. What are we supposed to do? I have confirmed this with three different hosts that I use (accountsupport, bluehost and hostgator).

    Would you allow for one of your builds to work for those of us on version 5.2? If there is a workaround, that would also be appreciated. Anyone who can assist or share some information so that we are able to use this plugin?

    Thank you!

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  • foxly



    HostGator according to HostGator has PHP 5.3.5 available. MediaTemple, as of 6 hours ago, defaults to PHP 5.2.10, but you can switch to any PHP version you want by editing the .conf file in your root directory. This is likely the case for most other large web hosts as well.

    It’s important users understand the security implications of using old versions of PHP. For example, if you’re running PHP 5.2.16 or older, on a 32-bit OS, odds are I can remotely crash your server just by visiting a URL on your site like

    If huge numbers of people want BP-Media to be compatible with PHP 5.2.x, we’ll do our best to make that happen, however, our first priority is to get the plugin working on PHP 5.3.x …because that’s what the people backing the project want.

    As for creating a fork of BP-Media (“competing plugin”, “lite version”, etc) you’re completely within your rights to do that, but its unlikely it will help you achieve your goal of making BP-Media compatible with PHP 5.2.x. A better approach would be to join our dev team and help us modify BP-Media’s source code to work with PHP 5.2.x You can sign-up on our Google Code site here:


Viewing 26 replies (of 26 total)
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