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BP My Home & WordPress 3.2

  • imath


    Hi users of BP My Home,

    It seems according to WP Candy that WP 3.2 upgrade will be available on the 4th of July. I ran some test on RC3 and found a javascript bug in the rss widget. Unfortunately, as i’ll be on holiday in Spain, i won’t be able to send an upgrade to WordPress repository for that date. I’m really sorry. I’ll do it as soon as i’ll get back around 16th of july (< which is my bday).

    However, if you can’t wait for my upgrade, you can directly apply this following patch :

    Edit `/wp-content/uploads/bpmh-widgets/bpmh-rss/bpmh-rss.php` or if you upgraded from WPMU `wp-content/blogs.dir/1/files/bpmh-widgets/bpmh-rss/bpmh-rss.php` at line 88 :

    Simply replace :
    `<select id="feed_selected" onchange="rss_update_items('’,jQuery(‘#feed_selected option[value=’+this.value+’]’).text(), this.value)” style=”width:150px”>`

    By :
    `<select id="feed_selected" onchange="rss_update_items('’,jQuery(‘#feed_selected option:selected’).text(), this.value)” style=”width:150px”>`

    Again, sorry 4 that :(

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  • imath


    Hi ! It’s me again.. Here are some news about BP My Home ;)

    I’ve been working on a way to make it work with or without BuddyPress installed.

    This morning, i’ve seen that BP 1.5 beta 1 was available, so i spent my afternoon playing with it in order to make it run with the next release of our favorite “social network in a box”.

    I guess, i’ll be able to upload an upgrade of the plugin soon, i still need to run some tests…

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