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BP Private Community redirect issue

  • cicakchanson


    I have a rather odd problem with the BP Community plugin. It seems to work just fine except its not redirecting when you attempt to click on any of the pages found in the NAV menu.

    When you click on one of the NAV menu items (such as ‘Activity’) the redirect fails and you get a blank white screen with the proper URL (

    However, if you click on the “1 Comment” link under the initial ‘Hello World” post you get successfully redirected to the Registration page as outlined in the config file (this is a fresh install).

    If you’d like to see an example of this issue please click HERE.

    I think I’ve followed all the directions for the BP Community plugin to the letter. I’d really like to use it because it fits my needs but I’m not sure I can if this issue is unresolved. Any help would be appreciated.

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  • hannahgreysongaito


    Hello Cicakchanson,

    I have come across the exact same problem but I notice that you have found a way to solve it on your website. Please could you share this with us/me, any explanations on what you did would be greatly appreciated!

    Many thanks



    Got it to work by removing the whitespace between:



    Changing it to:


    All the files with `?>` in your active theme or child theme should be changed.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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