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BP Private Community restricting css styling for logged out users

  • jcassano


    I’m using the Suffusion theme 3.8.2 for my site with BuddyPress 1.2.9 and BP Private Community 0.6 on WordPress 3.2.1. I made a child theme for Suffusion to use with BuddyPress and thing were working fine. I set up configured BP Private Community using the second mode: all access to all and restrict some URIs. However, ever since I have activated BP Private Community, not all the .css sheets are getting called from the main Suffusion to my Suffusion-child theme for logged out (unauthenticated) users. So this is clearly due to something with BP Private Community. However, I can’t find any setting relating to themes and css in the BP-PC config file. If someone could point me to such a setting I would be indebted.

    Also: this problem has persisted even after disabling the BP-PC plugin. Does that mean that this plugin permanently makes settings that can only be altered through this plugin, even if the plugin has been disabled?

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  • NipponMonkey


    @jcassano, this plugin makes no permanent changes to WP or BP. It makes not changes to the any database tables or anything to do with CSS.

    The plugin works by checking the login state and the BPPC settings (saved in a php file) on each page load. After deactivating the plugin, your WP & BP should be exactly the same as before you activated it.

    It looks like your CSS problem and activating this plugin is a coincident – maybe your cache cleared after installing this plugin, hence showing a previously unknown CSS problem? This is probably the case as your problem continued after deactivating this plugin.



    @nipponmonkey At that point I actually hadn’t made any custom CSS changes to the site and I usually develop without cahce enabled in my browser. But anyway, if you say the plugin doesn’t change any database tables, then it must be a coincidence of some sort.

    Thanks for the response and for what looks like a great plugin.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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