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BP Specialist Needed, Contract Work (Domestic Only!)

  • ebtabor


    I am the co-owner of a web development company with a client that has very specific needs. Having thoroughly planned this project I am now looking to reach out to other companies that are capable of either helping us develop the website or take over the project as a whole. The reasoning for our reaching out to others is that there is a tight timeline for development, which exceeds our capabilities.

    The client is looking to create a website that allows individuals, friends and communities to complete personal and organizational goals. The concept involves members sharing their goals and eventually achieving these goals potentially as a group.

    Platform – WordPress & Buddypress Framework

    Major Requirements:
    – Ability for members search for and select interests, and additionally add their own custom interests which in turn would be added to the searchable list of interests.
    – Ability for members to create mini fundraisers to help achieve their goals
    – Group capabilities, where members can connect and achieve goals together
    – Location based searching for members with similar goals

    – Extensive experience with WordPress, Buddypress, PHP, MYSQL, CSS, HTML….
    – Ability to make extensive interface and functionality modifications to both WP and BP
    – Ability to work quickly and begin almost immediately
    – Proof of expertise, at minimum in the form of an online portfolio.

    Contract amount: 2k – 5k, possibly more

    Domestic Contractors Only Please! (United States)

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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