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bp_template_title() template tag vagracies

  • Although I had run across this before and as such regarded the approach without issue, it’s a template tag and does as it should in squirting out the data for the frontend to then deal with markup wise, I’ve just realised that bp-defaults handling of it is arguably incorrect?

    bp-default is a theme it’s not a framework it strives to be a fully blown theme the issue comes then – possibly – in that it simply sits:

    in the page bare naked without any semantic notion of what it might be when rendered/parsed. This leaves one of two choices either the plugin author creates the markup from their plugin – bad! or the theme developer takes the template tag for what it is and decides what they will do with it by way of structure – good and what would be expected.

    The failing is that bp-default actually needs to do something with the template tag and I would suggest – given whatever previous headings are described – that it ought to be wrapped in an h2.

    I have just made use of the template tag then gone and dropped the plugin into a BP 1.3 tester and the template tag rendered in a manner sad and pathetic :( whereas the install I was primarily working on I had forgotten I had already marked up the plugins.php page so the template tag looked bold and imposing.

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