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Brainstorm – what else do you want in CD Avatar Bubble for users?

  • Feel free to post here any ideas that might be useful or interesting to implement into CD Avatar Bubble. I will read everything, then discuss and implement.

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  • rossagrant


    @slaFFik Any updates on this plugin? I could really do with the click functionality rather than hover before I launch my site on Monday! Really appreciate your work on this, it’s great! :)



    Any one seen @slaFFik? He’s been mighty quiet on here! I’m so eager to get this net update! :)

    Will release 1.0 today or tomorrow – I’ve almost finished it.
    Sorry for the delay.



    @slaFFik YOU ARE A LEGEND! Thank you SO much!



    @slaFFik I’ll be among the 1st to join the bandwagon. :)

    So, I’m waiting for translations and ready to release it tomorrow.
    But now you all can see the demo video on YouTube:




    Its great.I like the option of click to show the avatar bubble.
    Thanks a lot.

    Glad you liked it :)



    Love the plugin. A good addition would be give the hover a bit of a delay. Not in that it takes longer to pop-up, but users have to have hover over the picture X amount of seconds before the Bubble pops up.

    @thorspace Me with some other users have already dicussed this feature. I’ll implement it later.

    M W


    I agree something has to be changed- when hovering on the Recently Active Members avatars it acts strange- timing is off and it is difficult to get the image and the pop-up coordinated (i.e. pop-up for one user remains displayed while hovering over an adjacent user). Also the last user that was moused over stays up even if the mouse is moved off the sidebar to another part of the page. (I am using the default theme.)



    I find using the click option is far better than the hover. No problems with it at all!



    @slaffik Also, I don’t know if any would reported this, but when you disable and re-enable the plugin it does not remember previous settings.

    First of all thanks for this plugin!

    What I would like to see is better action support. I would like to add info not available in the profile to the bubble but when I add an action to cd_ab_after_default for example I cannot do much because I dont get the selected users $ID as a parameter and I cannot access the $output variable that is used to display the content.

    So I would suggest 1) printing out the info directly in the_personalinfo() instead of accumulating it in $output so that plugins can add something using echo() and 2) supplying the $ID variable to the do_action command so that when using the hook you can do useful things :)


    @normen Will modify action in next release of a plugin.

Viewing 16 replies - 76 through 91 (of 91 total)
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