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Broken link when upload photo

  • enrican76


    My impostations:
    WPMU 3.0.5 with subdomains
    Installed on root
    Bp-album 1.8.7
    remapping = no

    Blog test site.
    User: test1 Pass: test1
    And try to add a photo…

    When I upload one photo, the photo is stored correctly on the server and on the table of database but redirect dosn’t work and don’t redirect me to $bp->album->edit_slug but to a broken link page.

    I have the same problem when I try to delete or edit one photo on the page showing the image.

    For delete and edit I solved changing the redirect in bp-album-screens.php with bp_core_redirect( site_url() ); but the same triks don’t work for the function bp_album_action_upload().

    For me is enough solve the problem adding one string for each blog in .htaccess.

    I try this way looking how database store the photo on my server and I added this code but without effect:

    Redirect 301 var/www/vhosts/
    Redirect 301 var/www/vhosts/

    Please help me, I have a lot of blogs with 1.8.7 version and I need to have this version worked.

    I’m working on a world social network against world wars and will be a page to thank the creators of plugins with link to their donation buttons.

    Thank in advance for your work.

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