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Buddy Press Developer Contract

  • meanderingmonarch


    In search of a buddy press developer for long term working relationship. I am building a website application that will be buddy press focused due to the ease of building onto word press/buddy press.

    The developer should be creative, willing to make suggestions about plugin features, design and development and should be capable of working independently with times with little direction.

    I am learning how to program but already have willing beta testers and do not ant to lose momentum because I’m learning php/mysql, word press and buddy press and may take too long to provide something of value. Because this is a startup environment the ideal developer will be tolerant with ambiguity, willing to work with a non-technical founder (who is willing to learn more formalized processes to software development).

    The goal is to create a minimum acceptable application for each plugin so the current testers can try it out and provide feedback. This means it is a more continuous development environment with multiple iterations.

    to apply send an email to with the following answered.
    Do not attach a resume.
    1. What about a startup is appealing to you?
    2. Why is our startup, Saga Swell ( an interesting concept?
    3. Are you comfortable working in a customer centric model (building off of functions, user stories more so than tech specs and flow charts)
    4. are you comfortable with building something that has the minimum functionality to test with customers?
    5. Please send me a code snippet, plugin you’ve written or a github link and tell me why it’s so important to you
    6. Take a look at and please provide me with an estimate of how many hours it would take to make a plugin like this buddy press friendly where every user has their own editorial calendar separate from one another.

    Saga Swell is a startup web application that makes writing and sharing content easier for bloggers, journalists and content marketers. Saga Swell aims to be the tool every blogger talks about and is a MUST if you are building guest post articles as your main marketing strategy. Bloggers will WANT to recommend this to you. Code is the most important aspect of Saga Swell and so an awesome contractor will have the ability to manifest the core bare bones features to test them for value with Saga Swell’s users.

    Are you willing to join and take a dive into awesomeness?

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