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BuddyPress Conditional Profile Fields available now?

  • redrocktoday


    I need conditional profile fields to be added to the default BuddyPress template: a drop-down select boxes, depending on what is selected, a second dropdown select boxes should appear to let user select, then depending on what is selected for the second, a third dropdown select boxes should appear, and in total, I need four layers of these conditional profile fields.

    For example, the first drop-down could be states(Arizona, California, Texas etc.), then depend on what user selects, the second dropdown displays the towns in that selected state, so if the user selected ‘California’ in first dropdown, a set of towns in California will be available in the option list for the second dropdown; if the user selected ‘Texas’ in first dropdown, a set of towns in Texas will be available in the option list for the second drop down, and so forth…

    I am wondering if there is a stablized BuddyPress Plugin having this functionality already available at this time?

    I myself have found the following plugin intends to do this, but not working well:
    This plugin allows me to configure multiple options in the first dropdown, but then when I tried to configure the second dropdown, it provides an ‘Enter Related Option’, basically you have to enter in the textfield(no dropdown) one of the states from your first dropdown, then you enter option values in the option fields for the state of your choosen, that’s it. So at this second step, you have to choose either enter the towns for ‘California’ or ‘Texas’ or ‘Arizona’, but not for all of these states! If you configure this way, say you entered the towns of California in the option fields at the 2nd step, then you’ll see all the towns in California available in the 2nd dropdown no matter you selected ‘California’ or ‘Texas’ or ‘Arizona’ from the 1st dropdown; and, you don’t have a choice to move to the 3rd and 4th dropdown select boxes either…

    Does anyone know whether there are some other BuddyPress plugins could get this job done?

    Many thanks!

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  • redrocktoday


    These nested/conditional profile fields will have many applications for creating larger websites, not just location related sites… If you can make it to the Core, many would benefit.

    It would be great if next release of BuddyPress could come with this nested profile fields, and in addition, a functionality that allow admins to create initial groups based on certain user profile fields -which seems very nature. And as a social networking platform, these functionalities should come from the core of software, not from Plugins – as many group related plugins will be depending on these functionalities to make themselves sophisticated enough to make foundamental user experience more fullfilled.

    Hugo Ashmore


    It’s not exactly the easiest thing to implement the core devs have their work cut out with present dev requirements; this would be something that one of the community would need to run up and submit as a patch for perusal.

    Paul Gibbs


    Not aware of any plugins that do this. It’s been mentioned before, but I haven’t seen anything good recently.



    There is a workaround which should work but I can’t confirm until I figure out the last step. Anyway, what you could do is use FormidablePro (probably the most flexible and affordable form creation plugin in the wild) to get your data and then dump (form submittal) them into the appropriately mapped XProfile fields. I am told this is possible. …But I don’t know how to do that last step.



    @hugo: I think providing the choices with nested/conditional custom fields and the ability to be bond with automatic group assignments during user registration should be at the heart of making BuddyPress useful in a BASIC way. These are not some fancy stuff that we should expect come from the Plugins. Plus, if we depend on Plugins for all these patches to the foundamental parts of our BuddyPress powered sites, and if the Plugins not updated on time with the new release of BuddyPress Core, then we are completely doomed!

    Please, everyone, in the core dev team, reconsider this request. Thank you!

    In terms of the automatic group member depending on certain profile fields, here is another user’s request …

    Roger Coathup


    This is far from ‘BASIC’, and also impractical from an interface perspective – for your specific requirement: 50 States each having say 50 cities, equates to 50 x 50 = 2,500 drop down controls you’d have to configure just on your 3rd layer.

    It also doesn’t take into account handling this in a generic way, and other fields (apart from drop downs) that might equally well want conditional behaviour attached to them (checkboxes, value entered in number field, etc.).

    Specialist form generation software might want to try and tackle this, but it’s not suitable for the base set of profile field functions offered by BuddyPress.

    The best way to implement this for your Countries, States, Cities, etc. is to add the fields programmatically — if you search on Github, you’ll find a number of PHP arrays that have already been produced / maintained listing states and their corresponding cities.

    You can iterate over these arrays in your code (a plugin, or functions.php, etc) and generate the fields programmatically using the xprofile functions provided in the BuddyPress API.



    I am not saying my project will have countries, states, cities etc. profile fields. I am only using the states dropdown list as an example. But definitely a few layers of nested profile fields are needed for my site. For whoever chooses to use multiple layers profile fields in their design for user registration, I am sure they already have the values(might be just 1 or 2 or 5) for each layer in their mind, it is certainly not unlimited; on the contrary, it may most likely have very limited number of option values in each field for users to choose from. And that is why I say it is a basic requirement in the perspective of admins of a BuddyPress site. It is the capability of having this nested/conditional profile fields provided in the 1st place that matters, not how many values that are going to the fields that matters.



    Gravity forms has this very useful feature and I can’t imagine this plugin without conditional fields, I am using it a lot in every single form, try to take a look how this plugin works, maybe you will find some solution how to implement it.





    It’s quite old topic for you.
    but, could you please point me in a direction.. or explanation.

    any link or docs would seriously help. Thanks.

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