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BuddyPress developer for dating website

  • nilu72


    We are looking for a professional individual or company, to develop a complete dating website. We prefer a solution based on WordPress and BuddyPress.

    You must have experience with WordPress+BuddyPress, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, Responsive webdesign, font implementation, social media sharing, web2.0. Must be able to show previous WordPress and BuddyPress projects. The design, look and feel is very important to us. So it must be possible to implement a design theme of our choice and modify it, to our needs.

    This is the requirements for the website:
    1. Deadline
    Ready to launch, before 1st of June, 2013.
    2. Language
    English and Danish.
    The system should be able to handle multi languages. It must be possible to add new languages in the backend administration and it must be possible to translate all text in backend administration too.
    3. Cookies
    Cookies is to remember language – and other user settings. If a user access the website from outside Denmark, the language should be English. If a user access the website from Denmark, the language shall be Danish.
    4. Accessibility
    The website must be responsive and accessible from all modern browsers. The website must have a quick loading time.
    5. Standards
    The website must be coded, so that the code is valid according to W3C.
    6. Design
    We would like a modern web2.0 look and feel. There is so many bad looking dating websites out there, so this is where we need to stand out. The design shall also show credibility and trust to our partners, visitors and paying customers. We need to talk with the person who gets this job, to make sure which design options is possible with BuddyPress. Please see examples of what kind of style we are looking for here:
    7. User registration
    User registration must be made very simple in just 3-4 steps.
    8. Membership details
    Two kind of membership, free and paid membership.
    With a free profile you can only send 1 message per hour and you can only see normal photoalbums.
    As a paid member you have all the basic features + access to chat and webcam, private photoalbums, send unlimitted messages, see who added you to favorites, see who visited your profile, higher position in search results.
    Membership duration options:
    1 month, 3 month, 6 month or 12 month.
    Membership must be automatically renewed, unless the user ends the subscription.
    All females has free membership rights and does not have to pay.
    9. Payment
    Paypal integration, must be ready for creditcard payment later.
    10. Functions
    – User management, must be able to block users in BE.
    – User management, must be able to review profiles and pictures in BE. – Photo upload with cropping feature
    – Two kinds of galleries, normal and private
    – Send message functionality, including show interest
    – Add to favorites
    – See who visited you
    – See who made you their favorite
    – Search options
    – Chat options (Webcam chat would be nice to have)

    Max budget is 2.000,- USD

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  • danbpfr


    are you kidding ?

    Budget needs re-thinking !


    Timescale utterly un-realistic!



    @Hugo, yes well if you think the timescale is unrealistic, then it’s obvious that the budget us unrealistc too.

    WordPress will be installed by me, design delivered as a theme. So please tell me why you think it’s unrealistic? And please keep it on a professional level.

    Delivered as a theme?

    Is that a fully realised working theme? All template files and styles necessary?

    Even so doubtless there would still be a fair degree of custom elements requiring templates and styles.

    It’s an unrealistic timescale as there ought to be a period of further project spec discussion ( the above is simply an outline, the detail needs fleshing out)

    Then the project would get underway after it’s delivered another period of beta testing before launch, bugs ironing out, general tweaks and changes.

    If having to run up a theme from scratch or even modify one that’s probably a week at the least, but it’s more the general list of your site functionality that will take all the time and a bit, there’s more to all that than meets the eye and for each item a degree of testing and at the end of the basic build further testing to establish all aspects work.


    Is you launch date a soft or hard launch – beta testing phase or live site by 1st June.


    The schedule is too tight, most developers I know would agree in principle.


    Not so that it follows that if timescale unrealistic budget is – even if I thought timescale was realistic I would still be saying budget unrealistic, you need a good developer who knows their stuff, minimum approx figure they will charge on a daily basis is $240 and that’s the lower end of a decent freelancers hourly rate and this project is clearly going to take longer than ~7 -8 days.


    But the devil is in the detail perhaps you requirements are more straightforward than they seem, but even then  you will need to up your budget a bit.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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