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BuddyPress Feature Requests

  • We wanted to start this forum topic to provide a place for people to give their requests for future BuddyPress features – feel free to post here with what you would like to see…

    FYI – We are presently working on BuddyPress features to provide users a way to show their location, and for those locations to be added to a global user directory map – other than that and the present feature of including site-wide geo-tagged posts on profile and activity pages, the only other confirmed feature we presently have planned is for geo-tagging groups…

    So please, feel free to suggest other features, and thanks again for all your support… :-)

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  • PS


    Hey congrats amazing work so far. A few features I’d like to see in the future include:
    1. A route/connection displayed on the map among all the places the user has been to. You may ask the users to add the date when he went to a particular place, etc.
    2. A widget or a tab which gives a map based member search facility. A viewer can look at each area-continent, etc and see pins of all other buddypress members/friends/group members, etc.
    3. Similar map based search facility but for all the places added by the site admin.

    let me know what you think



    @PS, that’s a good request

    Your first point is actually one of a PRIMARY goals to reach – as by version 1 of gPress, we expect to be able to create full-on geo-relevant social-roleplaying and track, trek and tour layering. These kinds of features will be slowly added into gPress through versions 0.3 to 0.9 with the following list of priorities:

    == Future Modules Include – gPress v0.3+ ==
    1. Action Hooks and Filters with Documentation for Developers
    2. Movements (move with linear, non-linear and stealth motion)
    3. Actions (interact with locations, people and objects)
    4. Consequences (customize the way things interact with each other)
    5. Markers (leave references points, check-points and crumbs)
    6. Locations (places can be public, private or communal)
    7. People (relationships with acquaintances, strangers and characters)
    8. Objects (collect and trade rewards, commodities and equipment)
    9. Download Trail History as KML File

    Search functionality for the maps will be introduced prior to 0.3 in one of the up-coming 0.2+ versions with the following list of priorities:

    == Highest Priority – planned for gPress v0.2+ ==
    2. Additional BuddyPress Integration as follows:
    3. Group Maps (with Group Members)
    4. Introduce New Geo-Tagged Components as follows:
    5. Geo-Tagged Blogs
    6. Geo-Tagged Comments
    7. Geo-Tagged Photos
    8. Geo-Tagged Activity Streams
    9. Further Social-Media Integration as follows:
    10. Foursquare Venues + Tips (GET and PUSH)
    11. Foursquare PUSH Functionality (Create Venues + Checkins)
    12. Twitter / Facebook Integration
    13. BP Members, Groups and Blogs Directory Maps
    14. Search Functionality for Front-End Maps
    15. Search Functionality as Option for Widgets
    16. Languages / Translations / Lingo

    Is there anything not covered in our existing roadmap that you feel we should add…?

    However, one of the keys to this project’s success is the mobile compatibility, and unfortunately, at this stage, none of the native Automattic mobile applications (iPhone, BlackBerry and Android) support custom post types, which we will be using extensively through versions 0.3 to 0.9 and become the keys for people to truly engage with the environments and those around them…

    So if Automattic do not start supporting these post types by version 0.3 of gPress, we will need to either:

    A) Build our own mobile application to interface with the new elements
    B) Build a HTML5 / Mobile-Web-Specific Front-End to WordPress

    Either of these options is going to inevitably slow down the process of versions 0.3 to 0.9 unless we are able to get some help – as are many of the basic features above regarding documentation and translation, but we can start worrying about that once we get through the 0.2 series of gPress… :-)



    @msmalley Iv’e got wp 3.0 set up for mu, running with the group blogs plugin ( so each group can have a assosiated blog ). Iv’e hidden all plugins and and other things such as: settings, themes.. so that only the super admin can manage them in the dashboard. Im achieving this via the Menu’s plugin for wpmu ( ).

    My problem is there isn’t any way, I can see, to not display ‘Places’ and ‘gPress Options’ for non-super admins in the backend ( dashboard ), using a plug-in like Menu’s. Iv’e just set mu up so Im not sure how this would work.

    If you need to replicate my set-up, its:

    wp 3.0 mu
    bp Version
    BP Groupblog Version 1.4.4
    ( BP Groupblog – when creating a new blog via /groups/example-group/admin/group-blog, its gives a error at the end of group creation but the blog does get created)
    Menus Version 3.0

    Its a bit hard to explain so if you need me to elaborate, let me know.

    Would this be something you would look into?

    Yes – this is certainly something I will look into and admittedly, is something I have not thought about or tested, so thank you for bringing it to my attention.

    There is already one tab “advanced settings” that should ONLY be visible to super_admins, from here, I am thinking it might be best to have some more advanced options for controlling the visibility of things (to certain user level groups)…?

    Will need to do some tests first to get an understanding of what’s happening already, and will try to put aside an hour or two sometime this week to look into the “menus” plugin to find out why it cannot see our things, as this might also be serious too.

    Will add the “user level” visibility feature to our ROADMAP and place it high on the priority list, as it is an important issue that needs to be addressed early. The only trouble is, we are half way through adding the first round of language functionality and creating our .POT files at the moment, so need to stay focused on that through till this weekend at the earliest.

    Might be another week or two until we can get around to turning off the visibility on those menu items.

    However, the next version we release will have functionality for checking for and utilizing custom.php, custom.css and custom.js from a new “custom” folder in the root of the plugin, and if you know how to achieve what you are looking for, you could do so without needing to change core gPress code…



    Cool mark, sounds awesome. Ill play around some more and let you know if anything else comes up.




    @msmalley – Menu’s plugin update

    “My problem is there isn’t any way, I can see, to not display ‘Places’ and ‘gPress Options’ for non-super admins in the backend ( dashboard ),”

    Hi Mark, I upgraded the menu’s plugin this morning and checked if it affected the problem I mentioned above. It now hides gpress options as it should, thought places still shows.. Did you do anything on your side?

    Your request for fine-grain control over what to show to what level of users is planned for next weekend, as I did manage to complete the translation side of things this weekend. Do you still see value in giving back control to the super_admin regarding exactly what to show to who…?

    If possible, could you also rally or provide some feedback as to what we should do about the future of places as seen in the provided link…?

    We’ve just released version of gPress which features new gPress Options > Advanced Settings > Sitewide Options – which basically allows the super_admin to use gPress in many different ways with networks and MS installs – and will continue to build upon this feature as people provide feedback and suggestions that can utilize this method… introduces BuddyPress user / group options framework for rapid feature development in the future – and wanted to bump this topic back to the front page whilst I was at it! :-)



    proximity based member search: meaning you can set a page where logged in members could find a set number of people next to them 1km around me, 5km around me, etc. the plugin “BuddyPress Geo” used to do that but it isnt working anymore.

    Can you also link back from a place to a post for instance? I would like to have a map with places and from the pop-up balloon to link to a group for instance. or at least a post.

    As mentioned in my reply to you on the demo site – – proximity features will begin to be developed in version 0.2.9+

    In regards to linking back to posts, I believe you are referring to the ability to add HTML to place descriptions, which is a topic I am still in two minds about, as seen in these posts (which I would really appreciate your feedback on):

    Bumping this topic back to forum homepage.



    @msmalley Mark, something I would like to see is “directions”. Google can populate directions as Im sure you know, though it would be up to you and others if they would like to see it implemented. I don’t think it would be necessary for members ( privacy issues amongst other things ), mainly for ‘places’ and groups, ( when you get around to it ).

    That’s a good idea – am surprised it hasn’t already come-up, but just goes to show you can’t think of everything! :-) Have added it to the roadmap for the 0.2.5+ series… Thanks again for the feedback…

    Andrew Ledwith


    Here’s a feature I’d really like to see. I’d like to use gPress to add a map of specific Foursquare check-ins to a blog post (i.e. two of my check-ins from last Saturday). This would add relevant geo-location data to the events I’m discussing.

    I am planning to remove the Foursquare features from core and have them as the first official gPress plugin, as I am getting far too many forum support requests due to Foursquare API being down and people assuming its gPress! :-(

    Would you be interested in heading this initiative?

    It is a good feature though, and there is a LOT I would like to do with the Foursquare side of things, but not until I have moved it out of core, so please stick around and when you see that happen, fire off as many requests as you like…

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