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BuddyPress Forum Errors (Help Needed)

  • Osha



    I am experiencing issues creating forum topics with the newest BuddyPress install. The first issue I was having was simply creating topics. Each time I tried to create a topic I got an error stating that the topic could not be created. I uninstalled the group forums via the BuddyPress settings, and reinstalled them. -this did not solve the issue.

    I continued receiving the same message.

    I then deleted the group I was trying to post in, and created it again. I am now receiving error messages stating “Please pick the group forum where you would like to post this topic.” or “This group does not have a forum setup yet.” -despite the fact that I have a group forum selected and they are enabled within the groups themselves.

    I am a newbie, so if there are solutions to this issue please be clear as to what I must do to resolve these!

    I am running: BuddyPress Version from a BuddyPress Install (initially)
    Hosting by: IPage

    This is in regards to the ‘one-click’ forum installation.

    Your help and time is always appreciated!

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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