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Buddypress Guru for Simple/Last Step Changes

  • cambridge15


    Hi there, my name is Will Thresher. I’m currently developing a site for some close business partners of mine. It’s a social networking site for concert go-ers. Anyways, I’ve gotten the website about 99% complete, there are just a few tweaks and small fixes I cannot wrap my head around.

    I’ve decided to split this into two offerings, the first – are simple changes that might even take the right person less than an hour to fix. the second – deals with more complex issues, especially some issues with the web-app on mobile phones.

    I’d like to finish all these changes by the end of April if possible. I’d also be interested in people’s hourly rates, although I will post a *starting* budget for each offering.

    1st: Simple Changes… ($200 – most of the groundwork is laid, also I will do all CSS styling)
    1. Allow users to ‘Like’ comments (can currently only BP ‘Like’ posts)
    2. Add Widget area for ‘Buddypress Notifications’ to right of post box (will be obvious when viewing site)
    3. Uploading images on comments (would really like the ability to paste a URL like on Facebook, oEmbed only seems to work for certain providers, how does FB allow all images?)

    2nd: Advanced Changes… ($200 – willing to negotiate if this requires more hours than i’m anticipating)
    1. When in webapp mode on a mobile phone, if you type some text into the Post box, multi-task to a new app (for instance, copying a setlist) and go back to the webapp it reloads the entire app, which takes forever, it also loses the already entered text. I’ve tried cachemanifest but do not think I am applying it right. This is really the LARGEST issue.
    2. Would be cool to enable offline mode for the webapp, so users would be able to see posts up to the last time they connected to the internet (**this is an additional/optional feature**)

    If you are interested please message me back on here and we can get in touch via email ( to discuss compensation. I do wordpress (and more frequently buddypress) projects regularly and am looking for a skilled individual to be able to toss work/money at whenever I can!!

    Demo Login:

    Thank you,

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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