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buddypress mods

  • designnz


    I need a few things done with buddypress with custom post .

    see below:

    Firstly my users need to have the ability to favorite my custom posts – i will be using this favorite function exclusively on my custom posts.

    Secondly the ability to have a page with each users favorite lists and the functionality to share a favorite list in the activity stream ( just in link form so users who follow sharers can see their collection of favorites).

    Also want this favorite button on my custom post type with a set of avatars who also favorites this post.

    my custom post types will have tags and I want to pull these to my new collection page with our favorites lists on them and have the ability for my users to sort through each list by certain tags.

    Im also using a custom activity stream in my custom post type – i want firstly to have an ajax post form (exactly the same as the one in postform.php) on that page for the activity stream and also integrate it with the activity+ plugin so users can share photos on that custom activity stream.

    Another thing is Im limiting my group creation to 1 per user and I want to have a widget on my custom post page with the authors group (if they have one) ,a fan button and a list of avatars (fans) from that group.

    Now, i’ve managed to get my custom post type in the activity stream but want to use the Hastags plugin with it and pull tags from my posts into my entry.php template which i have change to display custom posts in a certain way.

    i guess the first question is if anyone can do these mods and secondly how much?

    I sort of need everything done in 2 weeks, some of the things listed up top i have got only so far with so I just really need an expert to finish them off.

    Get at me buddypress developers!


    Thank You!


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Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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