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Buddypress not translating correctly

  • jakewho


    I have successfully translated the majority of my site from English to Portugues, use WPML, a .mo file from my theme (Custom Community), and WPML String Translation, but I can’t seem to get the Buddypress messages to translate. As an example, messages such as, “This forum contains 1 topic, and was last updated by” are still in English.

    Please help!! Thanks much.

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  • EthanVan


    There is probably a hook you can use to translate. What version of BuddyPress do you have installed?



    I’m having the same problem, only with Dutch translations. I’m not even running WPML, got the translations files, but nothing is happening. Everything still appears to be in English.

    FYI I’m running a custom child theme of Genesis Framwork and I’m using Genesis Connect to get BuddyPress installed. Any suggestions what I can do?

    Here is the url:

    “This forum contains 1 topic, and was last updated by…” is a bbPress string. Are you running a translation for bbPress, too?



    Hi all,
    you probably have to test your translation with the bp-defaut theme activated. Custom Community and Genesis are not always updated in the same time as BP, so your troubles can sit in these tempaltes, not in BP.

    A translation for bbPress is only necessary if you use it as standalone plugin. If you use group forums, it’s the BP translation who works.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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