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  • Andy Peatling


    Now that this site is up and running it seems like a good time to start the discussion on some of the features you think would benefit the developer community site.

    I’ll go first –

    How about a component that lets developers add desired features they’d like to see in BuddyPress. They could describe the feature in detail and other developers could give feedback and rate the idea. They might also be able to set the status of the feature as “being worked on” or “in discussion stage” or something to that degree.

    It could be extended so that groups of developers could join around a feature and list their names off to show they are working on it. It could really promote collaboration around development. That would also let other developers check in on the features’ status, as it would also provide the developers a place to post updates.

    What other features do can you think of that would benefit the developer community?

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