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  • JJJ


    Please reply to this topic with any issues you see with the redesign. Any individual topics will be deleted, and you may be publicly shunned for not reading this first.

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  • @mercime – i found this issue on



    Email notifications for replies to forum posts still needed.



    Profile > Forums > Topics started
    Profile > Forums > Replies
    Profile > Forums > Favorite topics

    still not working.



    Site search is still broken. This is kind of a ‘must-have’ feature for the support forum.



    @stwc Search is a known issue; hope to have it back up soon.

    Andrew Chapman


    @johnjamesjacoby — I’m glad to see this search problem is a “known issue” — but it’s also been a month, so I think “soon” has passed. This is pretty disappointing, and I think I’ll have to disable BuddyPress on my site because I can’t find the solution to my problem without having to read all 600+ posts under “Troubleshooting.” Of course, I can post my problem there — but isn’t that just clogging up the system if someone has already addressed or resolved my issue? So, PLEASE fix this inability to search support.



    I am completely new to I also used to do usability critique, so forgive me if my feedback seems like nitpicking. But as a newbie here’s what was missing/problematic for me about this site:

    1. It’s missing a link, video or instructions from the home page or a link in the navigation that can train newbies on how to install and work with Buddypress. I didn’t know if it was it’s own platform or if it was a framework that needed to be installed like a theme or if it was a plugin. I had to use Google to find installation instructions. There’s no link to instructions on the Codex main page (p.s. only programmers use the word Codex, so I thought that page was only for programmers to create plugins or add to the code. You might use “knowledge base” or “documentation,”).

    I know now that installation is an easy process, but when you have no instructions… you just feel lost on where to begin. There’s only a brief message on the download page that made me realize that Buddypress was a plugin. There are forum posts on how to upgrade from old Buddypress or how to troubleshoot installations, but nothing on installing until you get pretty deep into the Codex. The Getting Started button on the Codex page should be bigger and at the top of the page. I skimmed right past it twice.

    2. The home page has a list of the Buddypress components, but I wasn’t clear on what comes with the system out of the box and what would require additional plugins. Each of those components on the home page could use further explanation on how they work within the buddypress format and why they are different from plugins you can get from WordPress (though the layout and design of that page is beautiful and clear).

    3. Once I logged into your site, I looked for groups and couldn’t find them. I clicked on support and decided to post to this forum topic, the statement above this text box says: “You will auto join this group when you reply to this topic.” So the support forum topics are the groups? But the Community Stats says that there are 1500 groups, and I don’t see that many topics. Is each thread considered a group? That needs to be made more clear.

    Also it would be nice to have a note at the top of a topic explaining that it is a group and to join the group all you need to do is post. I was looking for a “Join This Group” button.

    So those were the things that tripped a newbie up.

    This system looks incredible and I know how hard it is to see things from a newbies eye when you have such a deep understanding of a system. So I hope this helps you to understand what might be confusing new people on the site.




    Search coming back?



    Any intention to make at least the support part searchable? Or at least take the search box out, it’s confusing, as it is completely unfunctional anyways.

    I am sure there are tons of double topics and 90% remain (also because of this) unanswered.
    Was this this idea !?

    Second … how can I find my old posts !?! Where !??! Are these here forums, groups or what !??!

    Sorry, but the layout is just terrible and 100% user-unfriendly.

    I needed 2 days to find a way to post something and if you ask me how, I have no clue. Just clicked around liek crazy and at a certain moment I saw a button.

    By the way, on this topic … what did the “reply” button lose there on the top !??1
    I had to look about 10 minutes to figure how to reply here!

    Reply buttons belong always in the end. Bellow the topic for God sake, not on top ….

    Sorry to tell you this, you guys have developed a really great system but you don’t seem to figure out how to use it properly yourselves ….

    There’s no link to the recommended plugins page which the plugin page links to and is very helpful to new users. It would also be helpful to see the plugins by most popular, newest etc rather than just search as on



    Pagination is not working here :
    And search isn’t working either…



    This is criticism rather than a bug, but it honestly just looks like a sad rip from the Ubuntu site… other than that, seems functional from what I’ve seen thus far.



    Honsestly, I’m kind of concerned:
    — Forums tab still blank, search could have been replaced by Google Custom search in around 10 minutes.
    — When I click “Join Group” nothing happens. But if I reload the page, then it tells me I’m in. So probably an ajax/jquery/etc issue…?
    — When I reply to a “Plugin Review”, I get a white screen: “. And my reply doesn’t stick.
    — Codex seems a bit weak, perhaps because you need special invite to edit it. For example, the Performance/Caching article.

    I have a lot of respect for the devs out there, and BuddyPress is an awesome platform, but is by far the most broken BuddyPress install I’ve seen. In my somewhat humble and probably wrong opinion, it seems that most of this boils down to not allowing enough people the ability to make things better. It seems to me leadership team should do SOME combination of:
    — Devote more “Top Dog” time to making be good.
    — Let “Little Dogs” have more access to docs (i.e. make an official mediawiki).
    — Get more people involved in webmastering.

    Again, probably wrong by virtue of not understanding the “inner workings”, but those are my thoughts.



    @dannyjimmy agreed, i think needs a deeper bench of devs – the main 4 devs have done great work no doubt that doesnt mean there aren’t other out there that can contribute similarly

    Roger Coathup


    One simple fix that would really help is changing the menu title ‘Codex’ to something that means something to 99.99% of the world… ‘Docs’ or ‘Documentation’

    It might stop half the repeated questions on the forums, with users actually going to check the docs before posting

    Not really a bug, but I think you should add the default theme to the themes page. In my opinion, it’s the best BP theme out there and that is the first place many will go to look for a theme. The showcase could also use an update.

    It may seem like a small detail, but BP could use some more salesmanship. Themes, Showcases etc. really matter when new users are trying to decide if they are going to roll the dice on a new CMS/Plugin.

    Echoing on the Search function. You’re going to get A LOT of repetitive posts if people don’t want to spend the time searching through 1,000+ threads to see if someone else already asked the same question. I know I certainly can’t spend my whole day doing that!



    Echoing on the Search function. You’re going to get A LOT of repetitive posts if people don’t want to spend the time searching through 1,000+ threads to see if someone else already asked the same question. I know I certainly can’t spend my whole day doing that!



    I have many problems when surfing on
    1) “Load more” button to load more posts is not working.
    2) In my profile, the forum tab is empty and do not show my posts reply in the forum.
    3) If I click on “Follow” to follow someone, i get an error message “Page not found
    We’re sorry, but we can’t find the page that you’re looking for. Perhaps searching will help.”




    * can only log in from buddybar (rt. sidebar suggested i join even though i joined there ages ago)

    * how do i search the forums?



    @dainismichel just log in from adminbar. As to what shows up in sidebar is up to whoever created the theme. As for search in anywhere in BPorg
    Google: and keywords/phrases



    right :-) so my feedback/input/solutions for the topic “ redesign issues” is

    * put a login widget or login solution in an easy-to-see place

    * don’t make us go to google to search for stuff and make sure we can find info as quickly and as easily as possible so we are not lost in the forums looking for tech info etc. — make sure people find what they need and want as quickly as possible and design search functionality that facilitates what is called “just in time knowledge delivery” in tech writing circles. (that means do not make us click and search and read and read and read and read — help us find what we need as quickly as possible via an excellent search tool that yields excellent results)

Viewing 22 replies - 26 through 47 (of 47 total)
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