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BuddyPress Priority Projects (looking for developer)

  • Bubble10

    @bubble10 Priority web development project list

    Customized notification scheme for forums, messages, and other system items:

    · Notification process should allow for in-site notification through a pop-up flag that links to the notification page on the user profile.
    · Users should have a dashboard in their profile with control of which types of notifications that they will also receive as emails.

    Idea Process

    · Create two templates for ideas, allowing user to select between the templates during the “start an idea” process.
    · Fix the image display for the thumbnails so that the image is proportional and scaled appropriately.
    · allow users to follow ideas
    · allow the creator of an idea to add other members to an idea as co-creators and assign them editing rights
    · allow an idea creator to push out notifications from an idea to all of the idea followers
    · create an automatic system generated notification when a project is changed
    · Add a visual timeline section to the idea which graphically shows a log of changes and views to the idea.
    · The number of page views on ideas should not count the views by the idea’s author

    User Profile / Registration:

    · Allow members to “like” ideas and posts, and then access a list of things that they have liked through their profile page. The number of likes on an item should be tabulated, but not displayed. To be used later as part of an algorithm for matching members and promoting content

    · Add simple two step verification to registration process except for basic free membership – can use existing Google or LinkedIn account for logging in.

    · Integrate a third level identity verification process into the profile as an option – will result in a “verified” button on the profile. Third party service from can be used

    · List ideas created and joined on profile page

    · create process so that new profile fields can be pushed to users in a controlled way – for instance if terms change and accepting the new terms is a requirement, the next time the member logs on, they should be required to accept the new terms before they do anything else. If a non-required field is added, the user should be redirected to the edit profile page on log in and the new fields should be highlighted with a pop up note.


    · add chat / video chat feature – ideally multi-user to facilitate team meetings – could be integrated with third party solution

    · Create an advanced search screen that a user can create a customized search by any field and save recurring searches which can be set to automatically refresh on a schedule and notify the user of new matches found.

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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