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Buddypress Profile Fields Help

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    Hi all,

    I’m running the wpmu membership plugin and thanks to buddypress, I have added some extra fields on new user registration. I’m not using any other buddypress functionality at present.

    There are two things I’m stuck on:

    1. Including those extra fields in the new user registration email that goes to admin.

    2. Adding the extra fields and ability to edit them on to the users account page (the wpmu membership page, rather than the buddypress user profile page).

    I’ve failed to find a solution to this in the forums, and am happy to pay for help.

    I’m using a custom wordpress theme running on WordPress 3.6 / Buddypress 1.8.1 on linux shared hosting. The only thing I’ve changed is the buddypress ‘members’ directory to ‘users’, that’s because i don’t actually want all of buddypress features like user pages and activity streams, I have members pages that aren’t related to users in this way.

    If you can help please contact">

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