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BuddyPress Profile Privacy “Logged in Users” setting??

  • Avi M



    I wasn’t sure where to post this so I posted it to the support forum.

    That being said below is repost below just in case you would prefer to have it here on the BP site.

    Hey Modem!

    First thanks for stepping up and creating this much needed plugin for the community.

    I have a question/feature request for you.

    Is there a way to add an option in settings to allow only “logged in” users to view profiles?

    Could look some thing like this.

    Who can see:
    – Everyone
    – Logged in Users (or All Logged in Users) <- My request item here.
    – Friends
    – User

    If not could please as this as a feature in the next release? Would be a great help to myself and I am sure others as well.

    TY in advance for taking the time to read this and I look forward to your reply.

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  • modemlooper


    Possibly, but you should really give users the ability to have their own privacy. There will be more options added.

    sorry dumb question time..but is there a setting in the pipeline to actually allow a user to check ‘let user decide’ ?

    Avi M


    @modemlooper – Thanks for getting back to me.

    This would not take anything away from use choices. Just give them one more option.



    @pinhit i’m not sure what you are asking.

    @avim I got it, there will be more options, I’m going to create another plugin that allows a user to create different “friends” lists and then add those lists to settings choices to show profile sections.


    what I mean is: say I’m a member of my site (not admin) and I decide I want to hide my age on my profile for example, I cannot do this right now – I’m restricted to just hiding ‘all’ of the information on my profile only by checking the box that says – only show profile to friends.

    Therefore – all of the information in a members profile is hidden, instead of being able to allow a member to hide only one or more fields within their profile – for example their age, sex, location etc.

    As a member, I can hide my profile (and all of the information in it) – for example, age, sex, location etc
    As a member I can hide Activity, Friends, Groups, Forums
    There is no function for a member to hide individual ‘fields’ within their profile

    In the Admin dashboard area there is an option for each field in a members profile
    Every aspect of their profile has the option ‘let user decide’ – but how does a member use this option when there are no check boxes for them to use the ‘let user decide’ option




    go to your profile page and got to the profile tab. then click edit. Each field will have an option for user to hide that field.

    oh it’s in edit profile ! found it

    I have 3 profile fields and it works great with the first two..but not for the third (for example: if I choose to make one of the third fields sections show to ‘Everyone’ and the rest of field checked to just ‘user’ – the whole filed is not viewable :(

    oh well, nearly there

    fantastic work so far though !!! really tightened things up

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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