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Buddypress vs. Ning

  • Ning Links:
    Home Page:

    Ning Pros:
    Simple, elegant, and feature rich
    Integrated plaform: few worries about outdated, incompatible plugins
    Has some WordPress “plugins” such as Polldaddy

    Ning Cons:
    Proprietary data and platform
    Monthly fees, which can change at any time
    No wiki
    No open “plugin” community

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  • Basically NIng has a “pull” model of interaction. Only designated people in a group can push announcements to the whole group. It looks like BuddyPress does allow everyone who is a member of a group to post something so that everyone who is subscribed will receive an announcement. (may be part of an extension, but it seems like an essential one that most grouops would not want to do without.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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