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BuddyPress Widget Theme

  • sharmavishal


    Hi @modemlooper

    Am at my wits end on this and would request your inputs on the following:

    am trying to get buddypress mobile working with BuddyPress Widget Theme 1.5 but am not able to get it working. The mobile home page shows “Home” with no content there. BuddyPress Widget Theme needs a home page created with the Thin Wide Thin format.

    Following are my details:

    BP: Version 1.2.9
    BuddyPress Mobile: Version 1.5.1

    I have tried mostly all the things required. created bp-mobile, created front page, created home page etc. but it wont simply display the mobile home page. Other sections like activity/group/forum are working fine.

    I read in one of the forums that the buddypress mobile home page wont support widgets. That means it wont support the buddypress widget theme at all?

    I cant upgrade to BP 1.5 cuase the plugins i use are not updated to 1.5 and I need to use the widget theme.

    Any way to get it working for BuddyPress Widget Theme

    Kindly let me know

    Thanks in advance for your time on this.


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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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