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Buddypress+BBpress needs Help on my site

  • Frustration is my middle name! I simply want it to work with my theme and well. I even went to Freelancer for a bit of professional help and after 1 week and many different emails and time zones it is still not right, i gave up with programmer, gave him the money and wished him well. Is there someone who can quote to just get this to work as it is supposed to with the messaging and groups and forums and all the fance bits actually working. Currently its all a bit mickey mouse through no fault of plugin just my lack of knowledge .

    Essentially the site is for listing your home and is a free service. I want to create an internal community on it where people can talk directly with each other, in a forum or as a group about related topics. it is the community vibe that i am after not just a forum and super easy for people to use. Currently if you are not logged in the pages look a little weak and not formatted. Once logged in i get 404 errors for some things and it generally does not work and i dont know why, Forums just baffle me.

    I do not require a radical change simply that all the functions work and are available so a community can get together here.

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  • @mercime


    == Frustration is my middle name! I simply want it to work with my theme and well. ==

    What theme are you using? Have you checked out the list of WP themes fixed near the bottom of this page ->

    I am using the Denali theme it is built for property listings. It is not in there i am afraid. I will have a go with the php stuff, but it is not what i understand well. :)

    Roger Coathup


    @zulugogogo – let us know how you get on with @mercime ‘s assistance.

    If you need further help building your site, e.g. with your forums, and adding new functionality – feel free to drop us a line (include things such as your outline budget, bullet list of your requirements), and we’ll let you know what’s possible.

    oh my Lord! – so thought i would try the simple “just change this in the php” ….. nothing happened. So tried the “just rename the file and pop it somewhere” I did get a small amount of action from a footer but real it was laughable. I also could not find the “sidebar” so had a look at one of the page.php being the guru that i am. An example is below as it seems to generate the sidebars with a little help from God. I tried my best copy and paste or random lines that “spoke to me” with no effect. I will be emailing Roger shorty due to lack of understanding.
    sample code from the Devil:-

    php if ($have_sidebar)
    div class=”sidebar”
    dynamic_sidebar( ‘property_overview_sidebar’ )
    dynamic_sidebar( ‘right_sidebar’ )


    Roger Coathup


    dynamic_sidebar () is a WordPress core function for pulling in a sidebar that you’ve configured in wp-admin… settings.. menus.

    It’s the standard way of doing menus in a WordPress site, but is another thing to ‘get your head round’ when starting out in WP development.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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