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Buddypress/bbPress plugin for Slashdot-style moderation

  • enderandrew


    What I’m looking for is Slashdot-like democratic moderation to encourage good comments/posts in an online community. If you’re not familiar, on Slashdot, users randomly get moderation points from time to time. They can vote comments up or down, and assign a reason. For example a post is “+1 Insightful” or “-1 Troll”.

    Minimum requirements for the project:

    1. I want to daily assign moderation points to users. Ideally this would be configurable in how many points to assign, and what percentage of users to assign them to. If we need this to be a cron task, that’s fine.
    2. When viewing comment threads on a WordPress post, or when viewing a bbPress forum post, or a comment on a Buddypress activity stream (such as a status update), if the user logged into the site has available moderation points, then show a drop-down for that comment/post/etc. The user can select options from the drop-down such as “+1 Funny” or “-1 Off-Topic”. Selecting that option uses a moderation point. You can’t moderate your own content.
    3. A score is displayed next to comments/posts, etc. Again, take a look at Slashdot.
    4. A user’s Buddypress profile will show their culmulative “Karma” score. When their content is voted up, they get a point. When it is voted down, they lose a point.

    Additional features I’d like to see but aren’t absolute requirements:
    1. The user gets a “title” based upon the most common epithet they get through moderation. I assume you’d do this via a nightly query (cron job again) that for each user it looks to see which moderation type they’ve received the most and then assigns the title.
    2. Don’t allow someone to spend moderation points in the same thread they’ve also posted in.
    3. Slashdot-style meta-moderation.
    4. Achievements integration would be a plus.

    Slashdot’s code is open-source. You can look at what they do to provide insight in how to add similar features to WordPress, though Slashdot is written in Perl, not PHP.

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